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XR Applications are revolutionising industries at an astounding rate by solving key, shared challenges at a fraction of the cost. We produce solutions for a unique set of industries that are evolving rapidly.

Investment payback for Mixed Reality is typically achieved within 13 months from implementation, leading to a 177% ROI within the first 3 years.

Our industries

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XR statistics

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Forrester: Total Economic Impact of Mixed Reality Using Microsoft Hololense 2
Mixed ReaityStatistics

Shared industry challenges

We chose these industries due to their shared challenges. In each industry, professionals perform highly complex tasks but at different scales. For instance: 


In healthcare, surgical procedures tend to be performed at smaller scales like the human body.


In AEC, construction tasks tend to be performed at larger scales like buildings or utilities.

Both have highly complex data sets that must be interpreted at relevant levels of detail for each use case. The challenge of managing and interpreting this complex data is made simpler by utilising our communication and collaboration platform - S.P.A.R.R.O.W.


"Mixed reality increased annual revenue by 4%."


"Manufacturers ... reduced reword by 75%."


mixed reality increased annual revenue by 4%

mixed reality increased annual revenue by 4%


Our history

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