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The industries we serve have shared challenges like safety, communication, training, and process improvement. Our solutions address these challenges by empowering people.

Introducing WARP DRIVE
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XRL Solutions are a collection of technologies that provide a new way of interacting in our modern workspaces to improve our lives and work.

XRL Solutions is a suite of communication and collaboration platforms developed by xRealityLabs that operate as artificial intelligence assistants and mixed reality collaboration environments suited to different challenges and objectives. XRL Solutions allow clients to accelerate their digital transformation journey by harnessing powerful technologies such as artificial intelligence, spatial computing, cloud computing, mixed reality, blockchain, and smart information.



Our solutions are constructed of six primary features that converge to create powerful combinations of technologies.

We're working on built in layers of AI assistance allowing users to harness visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and language translation technologies.

Artificial intelligence

Our applications have the ability to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence.

AI and computer vision analyse the interactions between environments, machines, objects, and people; and, then visualises the resulting data in the form of AR user interfaces.

Spatial computing

Our applications utilise 3D space as a canvas to present adaptive user interfaces.

The cloud harnesses complex data sets using a network of remote servers to store, manage, and process data allowing unmatched real-time communication and rendering of 3D content.

Cloud computing

The cloud enables communication and data access across all sources in real-time.

Our applications integrate the physical and digital worlds through MR and VR technologies to visualise complex data in 2D/3D and improves communication methods and information retention.

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality merges physical and virtual worlds to provide real-time visualisation.


Blockchain technologies control governance around user identities, authorities, and responsibilities. This enables organisations to control the sharing of information.


Blockchain facilitates control over the open sharing of information between parties.

Our use of smart information enables the presentation of relevant levels of detail while seamlessly retrieving information from multiple, potentially disparate sources.

Smart information

Smart Information is the convergence of artificial intelligence and spatial computing.


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