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Training and education

We are helping to train the next generation of medical professionals using digital training methods to improve knowledge retention. For example, healthcare educators and students will be able to study high-spec, complex models and accompanying procedures in three-dimensions in real-time.

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Simulation and rehearsal

Through remote proctoring, simulation, and a new imaging modalities, we are striving to achieve higher accuracy and a better understanding of challenging conditions in pre/post-operative environments. Practicing within a three-dimensional, digital space is highly cost effective, sterile, and low-risk.

  • Industry challenges

  • collaboration

  • pre-operative planning

  • visualisation

  • training

Modelling complex objects and problems

Our solutions enable people to understand complex situations, scenarios, procedures, and objects by visualizing information in 3 dimensional spaces in an intuitive and natural way. For example, healthcare providers can visualize patient anatomy from a variety of modalities to better hypothesize, study, and anticipate potential health concerns.

Chest Cavity

Reducing costs and increasing ROI

By enabling digital rehearsals and improving communications, we provide an environment where the planned procedure has already been confirmed to work and the people are confident in how to carry out the process. In Total Economic Impact Studies by Forrester on behalf of Microsoft and Meta, the proven ROI of using mixed reality applications and technologies is between 177% and 398%.

Increasing effectiveness of collaboration

We utilise smart information to create intelligent environments that dynamically adapt to the needs of each individual within the space. We can ensure the quality and consistency of collaborative, information-driven  environments by anticipating the needs of the users. For example, a medical professional and their patient can better understand proposed solutions for the most complex, challenging conditions.

Man playing virtual reality with Microsoft HoloLens

Remote working in 3D space in real-time

We are empowering healthcare professionals to solve problems in real time with remote presence of any expert from any location. By using heads-up / hands free video calling people can receive guidance in context from remote collaborators. For example in healthcare a medical professional can instantly confer with a specialist to discuss unforeseen complex challenging conditions visually.

Conclusion: Better patient outcomes... blah blah blah

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