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The industries we serve have shared challenges like safety, communication, training, and process improvement. Our solutions address these challenges by empowering people.

Industry impact of XR
Shared industry challenges
Our industries

Introducing WARP DRIVE

WARP DRIVE stands for Workplace Artificial Reality Platform for Diverse, Real-time, Integrated Virtual Engagement and is the primary solution produced by xRealityLabs.

WARP DRIVE is a communication and collaboration platform developed by xRealityLabs that operates as both an artificial intelligence assistant and a mixed reality collaboration environment. WARP DRIVE allows clients to accelerate their digital transformation journey by harnessing powerful technologies such as artificial intelligence, spatial computing, cloud computing, mixed reality, blockchain, and smart information.

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Shared industry challenges

In Healthcare and AEC industries, professionals perform highly complex tasks but at vastly different scales.


More resources

xRealityLabs produces various resources like blogs, research reports, and educational information on all sorts of topics.

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