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Our small, expert team is committed to building an environment of trust, expertise, and innovation within xRealityLabs and amongst our partners and clients.

Our mission

Our mission

"To create collaborative solutions to humanise digital realities.”

We are committed to inclusion for all people, places, and things regardless of location or time. This is achieved by creating inclusive collaborative spaces that are as widely accessible as possible by everyone.

‘Collaboration' is central to our ethos because it is central to the human condition. Human beings have worked together for millennia to improve our lives and our world through joint innovation. With this as inspiration, we create solutions that foster collaboration because we are committed to helping people achieve their very best, together - because many minds are always better than one.

By creating collaborative spatial environments, we enable knowledge transfer in a way that has previously only been seen in science fiction. This will change the way we train, educate, teach, and work today.


Gareth James,
Founder & CEO

Our vision

Our vision

“xRealityLabs strives to help people and organizations throughout the world exceed what they currently think is possible.”


‘Help people and organisations throughout the world’

xRealityLabs targets the entire global market. There is no limitation to who can benefit from our solutions. xRealityLabs' solutions should benefit everyone by creating inclusive, collaborative spaces that are as widely accessible as possible by everyone.


‘Exceed what they currently think is possible’

We are also committed to making what is currently thought impossible, possible. Our tools are unique because they harness 3D space to provide our users a new collaborative perspective when approaching challenges.

This collaborative perspective facilitates creativity and awakens joy for our users. We want our users to experience a 'wow, this is amazing' moment when they achieve what they believed impossible.

Our history

The company

xRealityLabs has always been driven by a passion for new technologies and people.

The history of xRealityLabs

The future of xRealityLabs

xRealityLabs was founded in Dundee, Scotland - the cradle of the Scottish tech industry - on May 1st, 2019. xRealityLabs faced adversity like any company attempting to grow during the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, by maintaining our strong relationships with fantastic partners and by the acquisition of committed, like-minded staff, we have been able to grow five-fold in 2022 alone.

The future for xRealityLabs looks bright. The XR industry is on the verge of a technological renaissance, and we are and will continue to work tirelessly to be at the forefront of it. Having received significant interest from all of our target industries, we believe 2023 will be our best year to date.

Our core values

Our core values

We live and breath our core values because they drive us towards fulfilling the mission and vision of the company.

xRealityLabs’ core values include:

“collaboration, innovation, trust, and diversity & inclusion, education, corporate / social / filial responsibility, philanthropy, and environment.”

We understand the importance of building a virtue-based culture at xRealityLabs. Many companies pay lip-service to their core values. We’ll thrive in the technology sector by ensuring we live by them every minute of the day.

Featured Values


Collaboration is the fulcrum of our technologies. The fusion of intelligent tools with smart space has the potential to increase our collaborative working practices to new, unprecedented levels.

Meet the team

The team and career opportunities

The team shares a common vision. Whether we are working, studying, or even playing together, we work to drive that vision forward.


The team

xRealityLabs has an all-star staff. With a good balance of experts, professionals, and developing interns, we provide opportunities across the board.


Curious about the benefits of working for one of the most cutting-edge tech companies in the UK? Check out our careers page for more information.

Additional resources

More about xRealityLabs

xRealityLabs produces various resources like blogs, research reports, and educational information on all sorts of topics.

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